Canoe Slalom 

Nickname: Jess or Foxy

Age: 25

Favourite Food:  Mangoes & Chocolate

Sporting Idol/s:  Tony Estanguet, Anna Meares, Roger Federer


When did you first start in your sport / profession:
First sat in a kayak at 6mths, but didn't start training and competing until 2005 at about age 11 

Career Highlights:

7 x World Champion
2018  Dual World Champion (K1 & C1)
2018 & 2019 Dual World Cup Champion (K1 & C1)
2018 World Paddle Awards Sportswoman of the Year

2018 AIS Female Athlete of the Year

Olympic Silver Medalist - London 2012 

Olympic Bronze Medalist - Rio 2016
Most successful canoe slalom athlete of all time
Most successful female paddler of all time

What do you love most about your sport / profession:

Canoe Slalom is an exciting sport, every course is different, every race is different.  I love the variety and the element of play and expression on the rapids.

Favourite event/s:  Can't choose ... K1 and C1

Favourite location to compete:  Pau, France
2017 World Championships there were incredible!

Future Goals: The dream is Olympic GOLD

Hobbies:  Bushwalking, reading, cooking, beach time, getting creative and spending time with friends & family

What do you love most about the Barnacle Plus:
It's so small and portable but has amazing sound ... plus it can handle the rapids!

Five (5) songs on your playlist:

Waterfall (Petit Biscuit), Don't Kill My Vibe (Gryffin Remix)

Go Bang (Pnau), Charlie Brown (Coldplay), Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)

Advice for young athletes or kids getting into sport:

Enjoy the process and the challenges ... things won't always go as planned (especially in kayaking) but learn to go with the flow, adapt and do your best with what you've got!  Keep charging even when it gets hard

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Jess Fox
Jess Fox