Social Media Marketer / Photographer


Age: 23

Nickname: Court

Favourite Food:  Indian

Sporting Idol/s:  Ace Buchan, because he is a legend who 
stands up for the ocean


When did you first start in your profession:
I started photography in Year 11 when my Mum bought me my first Nikon camera

Career Highlights:
Getting to travel to all parts of the world with the Australian Wildwater Team


What do you love most about your profession:

As a social media marketer and photographer, I love the creativity and freedom to think outside of the box.  Technology is always changing, so I am constantly learning and adapting my skills

Favourite subject to photograph:  Wildwater Kayakers and Creek Boaters

Favourite location to photograph: 
Soca Valley, Slovenia

Future Goals:  To work full time for Paddle Dogs Australia and use the brand to educate people about the plastic epidemic we are facing

Hobbies:  Taking photos, being in the ocean, scuba diving, travelling and picking up plastic!

What do you love most about the Barnacle Plus:
Being able to listen to tunes while on camping trips or travelling overseas.  I love the cool design and colours.

Five (5) songs on your playlist:
What so not - Gemini

Like gold - Vance Joy

Chateau - Angus & Julia Stone
Come back to you - Crooked Colours
Mystik - Tash Sultana

Advice for kids interested in photography:
Photography gives you the opportunity to be creative and have a voice.  A picture can tell 1000 words and can be used to make a point and create emotion. If you are passionate about something, for example animal rights, use your skills to create awareness and educate! 

Favourite Quote: 

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make
Dr Jane Goodall

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