Prone Paddling / Surf Life Saving

Nickname: Joly or Youghurt

Age: 16
Favourite Food:  Spaghetti Bolognese


Sporting Idol/s:   Shannon Eckstein, Matt Bevilacqua, Bob Murphy, Steven Gerrard, Luke Dahlhaus and Brad Johnson


When did you first start in your sport:
First started when I was 5yrs old at Williamstown Lifesaving Club, after moving from England. I was keen to do anything and I instantly fell in love!  I later moved to Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club in 2103 and this is where I live and continue to compete

Career Highlights:

Completing the 2018 Molokai to Oahu World Paddleboard Championship, and finishing 8th in the U29 stock category.  Making my first Aussies final in 2017 in the U15 board relay, then making the U17 and U19 ski relay finals in 2018 … and many memorable state titles experiences

What do you love most about your sport:

I love both the team and individual aspects of surf sports. I love the surf and putting in all the early mornings and late nights training.  I love how diverse it is. I love the wildness of prone paddling, and the sense of family and community. I love the places my sports take me and the awesome people you meet.

Favourite event/s:  It's hard to pick as I love them all, but definitely the board race, ironman and board relay ... and definitely the Molokai to Oahu World Paddleboard

Future Goals: Win Moloakai to Oahu, win an Aussies medal, win an individual state gold medal, win the Coolangatta Gold and win a world title.  I've got a lot of work to do … ha ha!


Favourite location to compete:  Hawaii & Ocean Grove

Hobbies:  Surfing, playing guitar & ukulele, skateboarding and playing footy (AFL)

What do you love most about the Barnacle Plus:
I love being able to listen to my favourite tunes in the water and I love the awesome designs/colours

Five (5) songs on your playlist:

Home Soon - Dope Lemon
Jump the Gun - Hockey Dad
Seaweed - Hockey Dad
Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson
Spring has Sprung - Skegss

Advice for young athletes or kids getting into sport:

To believe in yourself ... and that you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you are willing to put in the hard work

Favourite Quote: 
Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard

Tim Notke

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