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Surf Sports | Swimming | Basketball


Age: 11  

Nickname: Polly

Favourite Food: Steak and Salad

Sporting Idol/s: Tia Toomey, Karlee and Amy Nurthen, Harriet Brown and Lebron James.

When did you first start in your sport/s? When I was 4

Career Highlights:

2018 QLD Surf Life Saving Junior Athlete of the Year

9 Medals at 2018 QLD SLS Youth Championships 

7 Medals at 2018 QLD SLS Pool Rescue Championships

1st Place 2018 Coolangatta Gold age division

1st Place Overall Kozii Iron Challenge Series Champion 

Winning a gold medal in Board Rescue with my older sister at Branch Championships

Representing QLD at 2018 National School Swimming Championships

What do you love most about your sport/s?

Being fit and healthy, doing all of the sports I love with
my great friends and my bestie (sister Aleira)


Favourite Event/s: Iron woman, Board relay and
Beach Flags


Favourite location to compete/surf: Currumbin Beach

Future Goals: To be a professional Ironwoman and play in the WNBA

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, sleeping, eating, surfing and skating

What do you love most about The Barnacle Plus?

I can listen to my favourite music while I’m training in the water or anywhere I go!

Five (5) songs on your playlist:

Fat Lip: Sum 41

I want it that way: Backstreet Boys

Lets get ridiculous: Red Foo

Bad Blood: Taylor Swift

Dear Maria, Count me in: All time low


Advice for young athletes and other kids getting into sport: Be Coachable, Respectful, Kind & always have fun