Sprint Kayaking


Age: 26

Nickname: AB

Favourite Food:  Tim Tams and basically anything with chocolate in it! But if we are talking about savoury items, I can't go past some fresh Prawns!

Sporting Idol/s:   I don't really have one idol, I look up to a whole range of people for different reasons. The people I gain the most inspiration from though is my coach, Anna Wood , and all of my training partners.


When did you first start in your sport / profession: I've started surf lifesaving when I was 6, and jumped in a Kayak when I was 15.

Career Highlights:  Racing in the final for the K2 500m at the Rio Olympic Games, and winning my maiden World Championship Title a year later in the K1 1000m.

What do you love most about your sport / profession:

When your kayak is going fast it almost feels easy, and you can't beat that feeling!

Favourite event/s:  That's a tough one ... I love racing in the K2 and K4 with my team mates because you get to ride the highs and lows with them, but I also love racing in the K1 to really test where I'm at. In terms of distance, 500m is my favourite. My arms are very long, so they don't quite get enough time to wind up in the 200m.

Favourite location to compete:  My favourite Kayak course to race at is in Szeged, Hungary. The crowds there are always huge and the conditions are always fast.  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Future Goals:   To win a medal at the Olympic Games.

Hobbies:  My partner & I own a small usiness, Palmera Apparel, so that keeps us quite busy. In my spare time I am also know to bounce around the Gold Coast coffee shops. I love coffee!

What do you love most about the Barnacle Plus:
It's the perfect size to take out on my kayak for the long and boring sessions.  Listening to music makes these sessions much more bearable, and it gives the squad something to talk (or sing) about throughout!

Five (5) songs on your playlist:

Daya - New
Peking Duck - Fire
The Score - Legends
Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down
John Lemmon - Something True

Advice for young athletes or kids getting into sport:

Find a sport and training group that makes you happy. It sounds cliché, but if you're enjoying yourself, you'll want to go to training everyday and your results will flood in!

Favourite Quote:  Someday, someone may make a movie of your life. Make sure it doesn't go straight to DVD


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