Wildwater Kayaking / Creek boating 


Age: 27

Nickname: Bigmac

Favourite Food:  BBQ Food

Sporting Idol/s:  Mike Tyson


When did you first start in your sport:
Started kayaking on rivers when I was very young, but I was in a double kayak because I was too small to paddle by myself.  It wasn't until about the age of 15 where I started racing and did some bigger creek boating.

Career Highlights:
Winning the Lea Extreme Race (Tasmania) with my brother and we were the first mainlanders ever to win it


What do you love most about your sport / profession:

I love kayaking because its given me a life of travelling and exploring all from my kayak, and I have experienced different cultures and made good friends from all around the world

Favourite event/s:  Lea Extreme Race, Tasmania

Favourite location to paddle or compete: 
Love paddling on the Soca River in Slovenia ... world class whitewater and the most beautiful water you will fin all over Europe.

Future Goals:  To win another Lea Extreme Race would be epic and to make the final of the Wildwater Worlds

Hobbies:  Hiking, Surfing, 4WD and camping

What do you love most about the Barnacle Plus:
The fact its waterproof is super cool, as I'm always in the water with my kayak and now I can listen to music whilst training or having fun on the river

Five (5) songs on your playlist:
My love - Blackmill
Let it be - Blackmill
What so not - Gemini
Don't look down - Martin Garrix
Going back to Cali - Biggie Smalls

Advice for young athletes or kids getting into sport:
Enjoy yourself always and I'm positive you will see results

Favourite Quote: 

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute or an hour or a day, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.  If you quite however it lasts forever.
Lance Armstrong

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